We are engaging students around the world to make sustainable choices.

Share a choice you made for the environment:

I walk to work daily, use a water bottle, and promote enviromentally friendly choices with my peers
-Tom, Guelph

I choose to study environmentalism to promote a sustainable future
-Jeff, Guelph

i want to be conduct education camps for poor and to be educate them with minimun knowledge
-satish, hyderabad

i want all the world to use paper bags rahter than plastic they are not degradable as well as cause pollution while papr bags can brecycled
-syeda kiran shah, peshawar pakistan

Use water in a bucket rather than a pipe to avoid wastage of water
-Zainab Izhar, Karachi

use permanent carring bags for shopping instead of disposable plastic bags
-Ines, Dar es Salaam

Switch of your engines while waiting for the signals to change to green
-Divya, Bangalore

use public transports
-Praveen kumar, Bangalore

save today use tomorrow!
-Raunak Agarwal, bangalore

ne plus jetter les ordure nimporte comment
-bosse desiree, abidjan

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Sustainability + Volunteers + Students = A world of difference.

  • Rudi talks to students about sustainability

  • The awards night to recognize students working to improve their schools footprint

  • Natalia runs through an exercise with the students

  • Camille and Sally volunteer to make a difference

  • The string game where we engage students in meaningful discussion

  • Adarsh and Derek challenge themselves to teach a class

  • The simulation activities seem to be going over well with the students

  • Nimra goes over a mentor training discussion