Always Growing

Posted May 12th, 2009

So as you can tell, we haven't posted a lot of news to the site since we launched it. Now, there's a ton of excuses we could give to explain why, but instead of bore you with the details, we'll just say that we've been busy growing.

What do we mean by growing? Well, we have been learning - learning new concepts, strengthening existing ones, and expanding our minds as to how we approach teaching about sustainability. We're working hard to contact schools in the Calgary area, develop relationships and start reaching students as early as this Spring and into the next school year in Fall. But, in addition to gearing up to start my world, my choice! in Calgary, we've been doing some learning for ourselves, because make no mistake, we too are constantly learning about sustainability. We already have established resources and workshop activities to share with students, but if we were to stop learning about sustainability ourselves, it would be hard to inspire students to start learning about it.

Over the past six weeks since we launched, we've attended lectures and talks, as well as work shops that have been invaluable at expanding the issues. We're trying our best to share these events with you, please look at our events calendar on the News & Events page to see for the latest event postings so that you can join us in growing! You can also subscribe to our site, as well as join our Facebook group and follow us on twitter to stay informed on events happening here in Calgary.

We can't wait to start running workshops and presentations in Calgary schools, because we will grow as much as the students do.