Extension to Guelph and Peel, Ontario

Posted June 27th, 2009

my world, my choice! is pleased to announce the expansion of activities to Guelph and Peel in Ontario. Over the past few months, a Guelph-Peel project team has come together and recently submitted a feasibility study to expand the my choice! initiative to Ontario. The Guelph-Peel project team is made up of: Stephanie Hajer, Project Coordinator; Tricia Sabessar, Marketing  & Communications Coordinator; and Lianne Foti, School Coordinator.

guelph kickoff

Guelph-Peel welcomed Kurt Archer from the Calgary team for a kick-off meeting and training session back in May. One school in Peel and one in Guelph have committed to the project, and another Guelph school is expected to sign on shortly, bringing the expected number of students to be impacted in Ontario in Fall 2009 to over one thousand. Guelph-Peel is turning its attention from bringing schools on board to forming partnerships and mentor recruitment.