So you want to be a mentor

Great! Our mentors are responsible for making the my world, my choice! program happen. You are the face, inspiration and role model for the students we will be running the program for. As a mentor you will be the person who delivers the sustainability workshop to a classroom, and afterwards work with a team of students from that classroom to develop a sustainability project for their school!


We are always accepting applications as we have events taking place throughout the year!


Who is eligible?

We are looking for energetic professionals and college/university students between the ages of 19-30, with an interest in learning more about sustainability. No previous experience is necessary.


What is expected from a mentor?

We expect you to be enthusiastic and passionate to learn about sustainability and work with students. We'll need about 15 hours of your time over a 2 month period and commitment to a few key dates for the upcoming program (exact dates of which will be sent when we contact you):

  • Training: A 3 hour sustainability mentor training.
  • Presentation: A 90 minute introduction to sustainability presentation to the students.
  • Simulations: A 4 hour sustainability simulation workshop with your students.
  • Project work: A 1 hour session each week over 4 weeks to help your students with their projects.
  • Awards night: An evening to celebrate the achievements of students across the city.

Throughout the program there will be many additional (but optional) opportunities to learn more and meet like-minded individuals.


What is in it for you?

You will be trained about sustainability, given an awareness of how we make an impact on our world, and how our choices shape our future.  You will be empowered with knowledge to share with your students, your friends, your families, and your communities.  You will meet a lot of great people who share enthusiasm, not apathy, to make a difference.  And most of all, you will have a great time doing it.


Apply to be a mentor