Sustainability doesn't end with the 3 R's

The my world, my choice! program encourages junior high students to become leaders. Through mentor-run classroom presentations, a sustainability leadership simulation, and an innovative design project in their schools, we engage students to make sustainable choices that benefit our environment and economy, our communities and our world.


The mentors

Enthusiastic young professionals and post-secondary students will be interviewed and selected by us to work with the students. Our interviews will ensure that candidates are open-minded, strong communicators and enthusiastic to cover the topics we will be presenting.


A class in the my world, my choice! pilot project in Bangalore, India.

The projects

Students who are interested in learning more beyond the initial classroom presentation will be encouraged to work with the mentors on creating a project to help their school be more sustainable. This will be a valuable experience for the students, who will learn that the decisions they make will inspire real change. We would love for you to be a part of this learning experience.


We're looking for interested teachers!

Teachers interested in running this program for their students will be provided with the necessary tools to ensure execution of the program. We seek support from teachers in the following ways:

  • Providing 60-90 minutes of class time for presentations to take place
  • Helping to collect student permission forms and selecting final students to participate
  • After school supervision for 1 hour once a week for 4 weeks
  • Voluntary participation at our simulation and awards night.


Let us know your school is interested