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Congratulations Guys for this inititiative about sustainability. Seshié Richard is one of my friends and i told be about u done in India in now in Canada (Calgary). I'm also passionate on it and i…
-Allou Rachelle, A Little Action, A Big Difference
Actually, for the record, it was Mrs. Incredible who could stretch, she was Elastigirl :P
-Derek McBurney, Calling all Calgarians
Mr. Incredible? lol never noticed till you called it out!
-Kurt, Calling all Calgarians
Congratulations!! This is a great start and we all look forward to your continued growth.
-Sherri Sabessar, Volunteers wanted in Guelph-Peel!
Welcome aboard guys! For a moment I thought Kurt was some sort of elastic man until I realized it's Steph's hand on Trish :)
-Derek McBurney, Calling all Calgarians
Oh thanks for the heads up. There will be little kinks in the site as we move forward. This issue has been corrected. Thanks!
-Derek McBurney, Website Launches!
On account page, I can't open my profile link at provided on the left hand side... It says "Woops, it seems we don't know what page to give you. Try this one."
-Ajay Rungta, Website Launches!


Always Growing

May 12th, 2009 from Calgary

Always GrowingSo as you can tell, we haven't posted a lot of news to the site since we launched it. Now, there's a ton of excuses we could give to explain why, but instead of bore you with the details, we'll just say that we've been busy growing. What do we mean by growing? Well, we have been learning - learning…

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Website Launches!

April 1st, 2009

Website Launches!Welcome to the website for my world, my choice!  We've officially launched the site and we're glad you've stopped by to check it out!  Right now the site serves to explain what our program is about, what we've done in the past, and how you can involve yourself with the my world, my choice…

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