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Congratulations Guys for this inititiative about sustainability. Seshié Richard is one of my friends and i told be about u done in India in now in Canada (Calgary). I'm also passionate on it and i…
-Allou Rachelle, A Little Action, A Big Difference
Actually, for the record, it was Mrs. Incredible who could stretch, she was Elastigirl :P
-Derek McBurney, Calling all Calgarians
Mr. Incredible? lol never noticed till you called it out!
-Kurt, Calling all Calgarians
Congratulations!! This is a great start and we all look forward to your continued growth.
-Sherri Sabessar, Volunteers wanted in Guelph-Peel!
Welcome aboard guys! For a moment I thought Kurt was some sort of elastic man until I realized it's Steph's hand on Trish :)
-Derek McBurney, Calling all Calgarians
Oh thanks for the heads up. There will be little kinks in the site as we move forward. This issue has been corrected. Thanks!
-Derek McBurney, Website Launches!
On account page, I can't open my profile link at provided on the left hand side... It says "Woops, it seems we don't know what page to give you. Try this one."
-Ajay Rungta, Website Launches!


A Sustainability Story

December 13th, 2009 from Guelph

A Sustainability StoryEveryone likes a good story, no? Read Lianne's story about how my world, my choice! In the Guelph and Peel region of Ontario came to be.

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Calgary Fall 2009 Recognition Night

December 7th, 2009 from Calgary

Calgary Fall 2009 Recognition NightOur first run of my world, my choice! in Calgary wrapped up with a recognition night for the students that took part in the program. The event was held at A.E. Cross Jr. High School and featured over 15 projects from 100 students taking leadership to make their schools more sustainable.

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Volunteers wanted in Guelph-Peel!

August 14th, 2009 from Guelph

Volunteers wanted in Guelph-Peel!my world, my choice! Guelph-Peel is in the midst of mentor recruitment! We invite interested post-secondary students and young professionals in the Guelph and Mississauga areas to join us to help launch our pilot program in elementary schools for Fall 2009. The deadline for applications are August 31…

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Calling all Calgarians

July 22nd, 2009 from Calgary

Calling all CalgariansDespite the wonderful summer weather Calgary's finally receiving, our thoughts are turning towards gearing up for the Fall school semester. We've signed on with several schools in the Calgary area to run the my world, my choice! program, and we would like enthusiastic individuals to apply to be a mentor! …

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Extension to Guelph and Peel, Ontario

June 27th, 2009 from Guelph

Extension to Guelph and Peel, Ontariomy world, my choice! is pleased to announce the expansion of activities to Guelph and Peel in Ontario. Over the past few months, a Guelph-Peel project team has come together and recently submitted a feasibility study to expand the my choice! initiative to Ontario. The Guelph-Peel project team is made…

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