Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Kurt completed his degree in Political Science from Carleton University after spending two study terms abroad in Mexico to learn Spanish and civil society studies. Now fluent in Spanish and French, Kurt also can communicate in Urdu and Hindi.

Since high school, Kurt has been active in volunteering where he delivered presentations on child rights with UNICEF, and ran a smoking cessation program for his peers. He has since lived and traveled in over 15 countries throughout Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

In 2005, Kurt and two friends travelled to Kenya to film a documentary in the slums of Nairobi. He has since spread the awareness of slum life and challenges youth face to over 100 countries. He co-founded DAMU, a network of passionate youth that drives social change in their communities. DAMU’s programme called “Why Should I Care? has motivated youth from all over the world to take a more active role in their community.

He was been an active member of AIESEC since 2004 when he was president of AIESEC in a local chapter based in Carleton University and then moved on to be involved in leading the expansion initiative of AIESEC in Pakistan in 2006. Now an Alumnus, Kurt has been invited to chair various youth leadership conferences such as the Believe conference in Brussels in 2008, where he lead a diverse team of young people to facilitate a 5 day conference for over 120 youth from all over Europe. In 2007, Kurt joined Aga Khan University in Pakistan where he established the first international internship programme that provides youth an opportunity to experience working in the developing world.

Sustainability is Kurt’s recent passion and priority in life. He writes various articles, and is an avid photographer on the subject, and recently completed a 6 month tour throughout South Asia documenting the local sustainability practices of those areas. In fall of 2008, Kurt joined up with a team of motivated expatriates living in Bangalore, India, to launch a program to teach sustainability to junior high kids. The project reached out to over 600 kids and saw the completion of 10 projects on improving the sustainability of 3 local schools. He has since returned to Canada to bring the project named my world, my choice! to his hometown in Calgary. To date Kurt has delivered training and presentations to thousands of youth all over the world on issues of youth empowerment, apathy and sustainable choices.

Kurt’s passion for getting involved has led him to join the Sustainable Practises Action Network and sit on the Co-operators Community Advisory Panel where he seeks to help make these and other organizations walk the path to a more sustainable future for everyone.
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